Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows are a crucial part of facial expression. Fuller and thicker eyebrows enhance the attractiveness and youthfulness of the face. However, eyebrows may become sparse or completely disappear due to various reasons such as accidents, genetic factors, or improper eyebrow grooming practices. Eyebrow transplantation is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to give sparse or completely lost eyebrows a fuller and more natural appearance.


Who is a Candidate for Eyebrow Transplantation? 

Eyebrow transplantation can be applied in the following cases: 

  • Those who accidentally lost their eyebrows 
  • Individuals genetically predisposed to sparse eyebrows 
  • Those who have thinned their eyebrows excessively through frequent grooming 

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed? 

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. In the process, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted into the eyebrow region. The donor area is typically the hairy skin. The transplanted hair follicles grow and develop similar to eyebrow hairs. It is crucial to determine a natural eyebrow line that suits the individual’s face and expression. The preference for experienced and skilled professionals is of great importance. 

Postoperative Care for Eyebrow Transplantation 

After eyebrow transplantation, swelling and redness may be observed in the eyebrow area for about a week. During this period, cold compresses can be applied to the area. The transplanted eyebrows shed in the first 2-3 months, but they regrow and achieve a natural appearance within approximately 6 months. 

Advantages of Eyebrow Transplantation 

Eyebrow transplantation has the following advantages: 

  • Provides natural-looking eyebrows. 
  • Does not eliminate the cause of eyebrow loss. 
  • Is a permanent solution. 

Medcaturk has an experienced and expert team in eyebrow transplantation. Our procedures are performed under local anesthesia in a hospital setting, and patients are discharged on the same day.