Sapphire Technique

Hair loss is a common problem affecting both men and women, attributed to various factors such as genetic factors, stress, hormonal changes, certain diseases, and medications. Hair loss can negatively impact an individual’s confidence and quality of life. In the Sapphire technique, channels for the transplantation of hair follicles are created using a specialized tool with a sapphire-tipped edge. Sapphire tips are harder and more delicate than diamond tips. These special sapphire tips, with sizes ranging from 1.0mm to 2.0mm, are selected based on the size and thickness of the individual’s hair follicles. This allows for a more delicate and precise channel opening process, and due to the reduced trauma to the skin by sapphire tips, the healing process is expedited.


Advantages of the Sapphire Technique 

The Sapphire technique offers the following advantages compared to other hair transplant techniques: 

  • More delicate channel opening: The use of sapphire tips enables a more delicate and accurate channel opening process. This allows hair follicles to be transplanted at a more natural angle, resulting in a more natural appearance. 
  • Faster healing: Sapphire tips cause less trauma to the skin, leading to an accelerated healing process. 
  • Denser transplantation: The sensitivity of sapphire tips allows hair follicles to be transplanted at closer intervals, resulting in a denser hair transplant. 
  • Reduced scar risk: Transplantations performed using sapphire tips decrease the risk of scarring. 

The Sapphire technique is one of the most advanced techniques for hair transplantation. This technique offers advantages such as more delicate and accurate channel opening, faster healing, denser transplantation, and reduced scar risk. Therefore, for individuals considering hair transplantation, the Sapphire technique is an excellent option.